I'm known by several names:
Lord of the Stack, Stack, Shaman of the Final Sphere,
Hot Chilli, Chilly

My IRL name is
Lord Phillip Smith

And most friends just call me
Brisbane, Australia
 & Canberra, Australia

September 1986

Super Villain

Weapon of Choice
What do I even say on something like this? About me? what about me? -_-
I'm terrible at writing about msyelf, but have decided to give it a go

Programming is what I've always done, I did it as a kid, I did it for companies before I even went to Uni, I did work a pc repair job when I was young, until I could land a web developer job and break into programming. I write corporate software for a living. But anyway that's the boring stuff... who cares about that, you're here about my VR game development. Which is just a hobby/passion project, that actually operates at a loss.
(Don't be an indie gamedev kids, well, do, but don't try to make it a living)

I think of myself as a creative, despite the stereotype of what a programmer is.
Writing video games is just one of many outlets I use to vent my frustration with the world and my own emotional baggage. I've done, and still do, and casually do, many other things as outlets, because life is for living! 

Things like: Creating video games (obviously), Creating board games, Pole Dancing, Medieval fighting, Burning Man, Fire Spinning, Hosting workshops for things I'm passionate about. Probably other stuff I can't think of right now because I've not done it in awhile...

I self published an RTS game a long time ago, which went okay, but I kind of lost interest in game development as the industry is a bit.. well.. that's a discussion for another time. But Virtual Reality blew my mind, and I thought "why am I not doing this? I have the inspiration, motivation, and the skills to do this, and to possibly even push the medium forward" so.. I just got stuk in and did it, and now my first game is a reality (well, a virtual one, hehe, ok i'll get out).

I guess to learn more about me you'll just have to interact with me, or read the blog posts I've hopefully bothered to write here.

Twitter @LordOfTheStack