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Project "Management"

Where can I get this game?

This game has not yet been physically published. But I (Lord of the Stack) am working on it.

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A Soul Crushing Tabletop game

If you've worked in an office, or dealt with a government department, you can probably relate to the theme of this tabletop game.
Project Management is a cynically satirical game of office politics and government inefficiencies. So have a laugh about your crappy office (instead of a cry), your boss won't even know.


Up to six players (or disgruntled coworkers) get to play the "prestigious" role of Project Manager for the Department of Non-Delivery.

While there is a board, primarily this game is played with cards, much like a duelling game - employee and contractor cards will be placed on the table in front of you, which form your "team".

Each week (turn), your team will have an impact on your progress, your goal is to get your project from 0 to 100% completed, and all players progress is tracked by their position on the game board (this is the only purpose of the game board).

Not all of your team members will actually move you forward, there are many who negatively impact your progress and will hurtle you backwards every week, not to worry though, just get them transferred to another players team or keep them busy with endless meetings.

I should also mention, that this game is not fair.. from the very beginning, some players will be given an advantage over others, which, of course, is nothing like a real government office ;)

For the full rules, please check out the latest Rough Draft (Preview) version ->